Privacy policy

Personal data we collect

In order to provide you with this service and to make your experience as enjoyable as possible we collect certain technical information about your computer, browser, location and internet connection as well as certain personal information, as indicated below:

Technical information

  • operating system;
  • screen resolution;
  • browser brand and version;
  • IP address, country, city, ZIP code (where available);
  • ISP name, country;
  • page load time.

Personal information

  • first and last name;
  • e-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • address, city, ZIP/post code, country.

Data storage

According to EU regulations, we store personal data in encrypted format using non-public database servers. Any such data may be stored for up to 5 (five) years upon your last visit to If you have questions about what data we store, how we store it, or to request removing certain data from our database please contact [email protected]

Use of personal data

Any information you provide to us as well as any technical information we gather from our traffic is used exclusively for the following reasons:

  • to send you information about your account;
  • to provide you with relevant promotions according to your options;
  • to notify you of changes to our products, services, website.

Explicitly, we do not rent, sell, transfer, offer or communicate in any way your personal information to any 3rd party, under any circumstances, except the situations provisioned by law where an ongoing legal investigation or court order has been communicated to us.

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