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Odds.at is a premier odds comparison website showing you the latest odds for a variety of sport betting events worldwide, including bookmaker reviews, promotional and bonus programs, guides and how-tos for online sports traders and the casual punter.

Learning center - getting started

In order to be successful at trading sports you must learn the basics of odds, betting, arbitrage betting, matched betting and also gain a in-dept knowledge about various bookmakers, their promotional programs and conditions.

In order to help you learn and become a successful sports trader we have tried putting together a set of articles explaining the most common concepts such as betting in general, types of bets, basic bookmaker know-how as well as some advanced topics such as arbitrage betting, matched betting and different techniques and strategies.

In order to learn efficiently we suggest starting with the links at the right side of this box - the basics - then working your way through more advanced topics below.

We are also permanently updating and improving our bookmakers database, which will give you fresh information about betting sites and their promotional programs. You can access this by clicking the Bookmakers link at the menu at the top.

Learning center - advanced topics

Once you have gained sufficient knowledge about betting basics, it's time to jump into more advanced topics such as trading strategies, systems, money management.

Within these articles we will cover systems such as forecasting, sure bets and determining bet value, as well as several tips and tricks to get you on track with money management and most common mistakes happening when trading.

Arbitrage and matched betting, being the most popular, safe and profitable strategies, are also elaborated in detail and accompanied with examples.

In order to help you maximize your trading profits we are also launching a global cashback program which will give you back a portion of your losing bets, through our affiliate accounts. With this great feature you can maximize your trading profits by up to 100%.

Calculators and tools

In order to provide you with the right means to support your trading we have prepared a number of calculators and tools translated to your native language.

The most basic of the calculators is the odds conversion calculator that will convert odds for you from any given format to any required format. We support decimal, american, fractional, Hong-Kong, Malay and Indonesian. Brief instructions are included to help you get used to convert mentally.

We have also included a set of useful trading tools such as the arbitrage calculator and the exchange (Betfair) matched betting (hedging) calculator. You can find those at the right of this box.

In addition to these basic tools we have also included calculators for asian handicaps, dutching, biased dutching, draw no bet, double chance and implied probability.

You can also bookmark these calculators for later use during your trading.